Private Lessons

For vaulters looking for 1 on 1 attention, we offer that personal touch to take your vaulting to new heights. Private training is perfect for high school vaulters looking to jump in college or collegiate jumpers looking to perform at the top of the sport.

All our lessons, whether it is a 1 hour private, semi-private, or 1.5-hour small group, will be monitored by an Xtreme Athletics Coach. Each lesson will be catered to the needs and skill level of the athlete(s) that are vaulting. The semi-private and small group lesson athletes will be mixed together at the discretion of the Xtreme Athletics Coach unless specifically requested by the parents or athletes in the session. This is so that athletes of similar skill level are together.

·     Access to over 200 poles

·     Pole break coverage during lesson

·     Limited to few vaulters ensuring more repetitions and better coach to athlete ratio

·     Video breakdown of vaults as needed

·     60-90 minutes 

Whether you are looking for a competitive edge, to improve your skills, learn the fundamentals, or have more confidence, Xtreme Athletics can help you achieve your goals through private training sessions. Sessions are tailored to suit each athlete’s own unique needs and are available to athletes at any level.

Private sessions are available upon request. A private training session consists of 90 minutes of one-on-one coaching with an Xtreme Athletics coach of your choice.


  • 1-Hour Semi-private lesson 2-3 athletes, split evenly b/w athletes        $60

  • 1-Hour Private Lesson 1 on 1:                                                                          $50

  • 1-Hour 5 pack privates:                                                                                   $225

  • 1-Hour 10 pack privates:                                                                                 $450

  • 1.5-Hour Small group lesson 4-6 athletes, split evenly b/w athletes      $150

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