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Elite Pole Vault Training


Our USATF Certified club provides a supportive environment from the serious athlete to the beginning novice looking to train with highly qualified and experienced coaches. At Xtreme Athletics Pole Vault club, we provide technical instruction and coaching at the right level and understanding with our skill level based training. We are excited to get started and help vaulters of all ages to acheive their goals and to help grow the sport.


Meet The Coaches.


"handwork beats talent when TALENT DOESN'T WORK" UNKNOWN



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Jane Doe, 11'6" (HS) - John Doe, 12'3" (HS) - Need Name 12' (HS) - Jump High 10' (HS - 9th) - Hold tight 9'8" (HS) - Plant Hard 12' (HS) -

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