Coaching Staff



Doug Lytle - Owner

With a closet rod standing in as a bar and a PVC pipe as a pole, Doug Lytle began teaching himself the fundamentals of pole vaulting at the age of 12. His determination to succeed resulted in remarkable performances throughout high school resulting in a personal best of 16’9 in pole vault and was also a 7’+ high jumper. His success led to a full ride track scholarship to Kansas State University where he became a 6-time All-American and ultimately a spot on the US Olympic team in 1984. Throughout his career, Doug accumulated many other accolades including earning a spot on the 1987 world indoor championship team for USA and an overall personal record of 5.72 meters / 18’9.25”. Doug continued his passion for excellence throughout life and is now the President of a large cabinet company in KC. He also owns and manages three other businesses, including Xtreme Athletics. Xtreme Athletics began as Doug’s dream to give local athletes in KC the proper equipment and training that the sport of vaulting requires. He has dedicated an immense amount of time and resources to building the gym into a world class facility that is devoted to the proper education and development of athletes in the sport of pole vaulting. His dream is to give every athlete in the sport the best advantage and opportunity to achieve their goals, no matter how high.


JJ Lawler - Coach

JJ grew up teaching himself how to pole vault with his brothers in their backyard using anything and everything they could to launch themselves over various barriers. JJ was a successful vaulter in high school and holds a personal record of 14’6. He later went on to play volleyball in college. He now works as an electrician in the Kansas City area and has been a coach at Xtreme for over 8 years. He has consistently proven himself as one of the areas’ best high school vault coaches. He likes to breakdown the vault for athletes and have them focus on the fundamentals until they are ready to work on the next aspect of their vault. JJ has coached numerous state champions, dozens of state medalists, an abundance of state finalists, and many more vaulters. JJ loves to give back to the sport of track and field and enjoys working with athletes of various skill levels to push athletes to reach their full potential in the sport of pole vault.

Nick Meyer Pole Vault Coach.jpg

Nick Meyer

Nick is the newest member of Xtreme Athletics and has been coaching since August 2018. Nick was a successful high school vaulter in the state of Kansas where he was a two-time state champion in the pole vault and a state champion in the 4x100 relay. He currently holds the number five all time Kansas high school pole vault record position at 16’8 and sits one inch under Doug Lytle who is number four at 16’9. Nick continued his vault career at the University of Kansas where he became a two-time All-American Outdoors and holds an overall record of 5.50 meters / 18’0.5”. Nick is continuing to train as a professional vaulter while coaching at Xtreme and hopes to make an Olympic or National Team for USA. Nick competed for Bishop Carroll in Wichita, KS but came to train at the gym several times throughout his high school career and credits Coach JJ with helping take his vaulting to another level while in high school. Nick Graduated with an Exercise Science degree for KU and is currently studying to become a certified strength and conditioning specialist. He currently oversees the strength development of the athletes at Xtreme Athletics. He loves to share his knowledge with the next generation of athletes.