Club Session - Join

Club Session - Join

from 140.00 every month

Club sessions are small group training sessions open to any pole vaulter/high jumper regardless of age or skill. These sessions focus on fundamental skills, jump evaluations, and proper training techniques for vaulters/jumpers as well as appropriate conditioning customized for a pole vaulter/high jumper. Club members not only practice year round but they also compete as a team during the indoor season and in the summer.

Family and friends are encouraged to watch.

Full Club membership: 

            Our complete package program gives access to everything Xtreme Athletics has to offer. This program is where athletes can separate themselves from the competition.

·     Unlimited club vault sessions

·     Unlimited access to open gym sessions

·     Pole break coverage during club sessions

·     Access to over 200 poles

·     Access to entire weight room (if including the strength program)

·     Major discount on Xtreme Athletics events (60%)

Club Lite membership: 

Our recommended program for athletes who live far away and must commute or are competing in fall or winter sports and want to stay sharp with their vaulting in the off season. Limited to Sunday club only unless approved by an Xtreme Athletics Coach. 

·     Access to over 200 poles

·     Pole break coverage during club sessions

·     One vault session per week (Sunday)

·     Access to entire weight room (if including the strength program)

·     Discount on Xtreme Athletics events (25%)

Drop-in Club Session:

For those looking to just join in on the fun every now and again. Club drop-ins are always welcome at Xtreme Athletics, we just kindly ask for a 24-48 hour heads up if possibly so we can always have an idea of how many kids will be at any given club session.

·      Access to over 200 poles

·      Pole break coverage during club session


An extensive selection of poles will be provided and available for use to every vaulter.​

Club sessions will be held on:

Mondays 6:30 – 8:30
Wednesdays 6:30 – 8:30
Sundays 4:00 – 6:00

There is no need to call ahead, feel free to drop in and start jumping  right away!

Days per Week:
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All athletes participating in club sessions must show proof of membership with USATF prior to participation and must have a completed release waiver on file.